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Vanity by Rob Rek  - is an exquisite example of the photo realistic style with which the artist’s name has become synonymous.

This piece is set against a dramatically simplistic ultra white background focusing attention exclusively on the subject - A cherry red, vintage Porsche 911 GT and the glossy black raven perching on the fender. 

The artists hyperrealist style captures the still beauty of the iconic 911 with startling detail and in large scale, one third the size of the vehicle itself. 

The artwork is a modern adaptation of the ancient Dutch Vanitas style, which invites the viewer to consider their mortality and questions the significance of placing value on worldly objects.

the Australian raven perches on the front fender as a symbol of impermanence.


** this artwork is framed in a custom made black float frame finished in matt paint. 


  • 150cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 5cm (D)

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