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Painted originally for the artist's Sydney World Pride exhibition held in Newtown in 2023, the subject was chosen for its iconic camp status and the incidental heart shape formed by the pairs elongated necks.


Set against a graduating pistachio back drop to contrast the shocking pink heart shaped flamingos and framed in white this piece revives the 80's in Miami Florida.


These unique and much-loved birds are famed the world over - it is not uncommon for displays of affection such as this to take place among the species.


The lovers are captured in profile and painted on a custom-made and framed canvas. Their flaming yellow eyes are strange and mystical.


This painting is custom framed in a handcrafted mat white float frame to compliment the tones of the subject.

Two to Tango

  • 65cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 5cm (D)

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