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The lion's Roar by REK - is a stunning example of the photo realistic style the artist's work has become synonymous with. This artwork was chosen as the winner of the 6th annual Hinchenbrook birdlife award in 2021.

Special attention has been paid to the artist's favorite elements, critical to the over all effect is the vibrant orange eye, startlingly lifelike beak and wrinkled skin areas.

Set against his signature graduated inky blue graduated back drop, the reference image has been photographed from beneath the field of view, the result is the cockatoo perching proudly above the viewer surveying

The Australian red-tailed black cockatoo has long been a favorite subject, and this work represents a new zenith in technical skill and composition.
his artwork is float framed in a custom made matt black hardwood box frame, and painting using only
The finest artist grade acrylic paint and hand stretched wright and co poly cotton fine weave canvas.

Art works by REK are investment pieces, the value of his work has increased by over 200% in the past 3 years as the artist's reputation and skill continues to expand.

The Lion's Roar

  • 60cms  wide X 90cms Height 

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