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The King - is a stunning example of the photo realistic style REK's work has become synonymous with.

The artist has become well known for his expertly composed vibrant eyes and startlingly lifelike beak treatment which are critical to the over all effect oh his compositions.

Set against his signature modern titanium white back drop to bring focus entirely to the avian subject. The reference image has carefully been selected from the collection of avian specialist photographer Martin Anderson. REK spends hours pouring over potential images before choosing only the most unique and regal bird photographs to work from.

The Australian Laughing Kookaburra has long been a favorite subject, and this work represents a new zenith in technical skill and composition. The King is resplendent, captured in profile and painted on a custom made canvas. He beams with life and soul, the depth in his eye is deep and mystical - captivating as you pass by this artwork you will be stopped in your tracks time and time again bewitched by the arresting lifelike detail.

Art works by REK are to be considered investment pieces, the value of his work has increased by over 200% in the past 3 years as the artist's reputation and skill continues to expand.


  • 80 X 50 Cms - (4 Cm depth) 

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