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This collection of work is means for the artist and viewer to find a calm space. Working from his second studio on Queensland’s Gold Coast facing out to the endless Pacific Ocean, The artist began an immersive journey- drawing inspiration from coastal landscapes, geological features and the tranquility of nature from some of Australian’s most pristine beaches.

This piece takes inspiration from a trip to the Noosa National Park, the rocky outcrop is portrayed against a monochromatic palate - the distinctive boulders meander their way up towards the shoreline.

Working in mixed media such as willow charcoal, conte and graphite to add softer textures against synthetic polymers in earthy, calming tones.


** this artwork is framed in a custom made Victorian ash float frame finished in beeswax. 

Stairway to Heaven

  • 60cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 5cm (D)

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