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Nevermore By REK, Features an Australian raven photographed by career wildlife photographer Martin Anderson. 
The Hyper realistic Raven sits amid a backdrop of graffiti scrawl which repeats "nevermore" over and over - a direct reference to the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. 
The raven's luminous pale blue eye is Prominent peering our from the dark feathers like a searchlight in the middle of a black  sea.

The iridescent quality of the subjects feathers is expertly captured by REK using a myriad of colors to create a luminous effect. 

This artwork is float framed in a custom made hardwood box frame, and painted using only the finest artist grade acrylic paint and hand stretched wright and co poly cotton fine weave canvas.

Art works by REK are to be considered investment pieces, the value of his work has increased by over 200% in the past 3 years as the artist's reputation and skill continues to expand.




  • 64 Cms Wide  X 44 Cms Height  - (4 Cm depth) 

  • Synthetic Polymer Paint & Mixed Media On Canvas

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