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During the pandemic lockdown REK began an introspective revisit to past works  from his  abstract body of work –

looking to his immediate surrounds and drawing inspiration from the freedom of nature, this large scale and bold interpretation of a favourite flower  in the grounds of the artists studio was born  – The citrus scent and beautiful cream blooms of this tree last only a day or two making their achingly beautiful and structural blossoms even more captivating as a result of their temporary nature.  

The dark negative space area in the parting of leaves is a window looking beyond what we face immediately,  a reminder  that there is always a path away from times of struggle. 

REK uses free flowing liquid mediums and revises the bold gestural movements his work first took on at the genesis of his career as an artist. 


This artwork is unframed with edges painted in black - Framimng is available on request.  

Magnolia #1

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