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REK continues his ongoing study of the hypnotic magnolia flower in extra large scale, bold abstract work. Featuring five oversized magnolias in various stages of bloom, this piece is painted in a loose graffiti style of medium application using large brushes and iridescent gold, Black, white and prussian blue acrylic pens interwoven with willow charcoal on gallery quality stretched canvas.

The artist's gregarious nature is embodied in this recent work. The liquified paint trails emulate rain drops and bring movement to the piece which celebrates spring time and the hopeful dawning of a new chapter post covid lockdowns in Australia.

The citrus scent and beautiful cream blooms of this tree last only a day or two, making their achingly beautiful and structural blossoms even more captivating as a result of their temporary nature - REK explores the briefness of beauty. The artist collects these blooms from trees adjoining his studio, over the course of the art works creation, they open and close constantly causing the fluid change of the painting as it progresses. This work demonstrates the three day phase of the flower's life cycle, budding on day one, fully opened on day two and by day three turning a rusty gold hue.

The fluidity of the flowers ever changing nature is captured by the outlines which are worked over the top of earlier layers capturing the movements as they occur. The yellow, white and gold flowers are contrasted beautifully against vivid blues, and an emphasis on greens tones in this piece.

* Artwork shown with frame as indicative only example.

Le Jardin Ephémère

  • 180 Cms Wide  X90 Cms Height  - (4 Cm depth) 

  • Synthetic Polymer Paint & Mixed Media On Canvas

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