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"La Ferrari"  by REK has become synonymous with vibrant avian creations - But the artist has always held an affinity for many walks of Animalia.

After riding a horse (the aptly named - Hogwash) The artist was inspired to revisit an equine subject. In 2018 REK held an entire exhibition at the Stables on racecourse rd. in Brisbane entitled "Birds and Brumbies" - while his focus shifted dramatically towards the avian world this piece reconnects to another much admired subject of the artist. Beauty and power are represented with REK's signature photo realistic approach, favouring a pure white background to allow Hogwash to hold focus entirely. As he rears up on hindlegs, he maintains a peaceful visage through the soft gaze of his piercing eyes and majestic lustre of flowing Maine and auburn coat. 

This artwork comes framed in a solid hardwood  custom made frame - painted in matt black  with an authenticity certificate.

La Ferrari

  • 100 Cms Wide x 76 Cms Height 

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