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REK continues in his finely detailed photo realistic approach in this piece featuring a magnificent Peahen photographed by career wildlife photographer -Martin Anderson.
Set against a REK's signature graffiti background, the monochromatic palette creates a language between the subject and the iridescent patterns it cohabitates. The beauty of nature is married to manmade beauty in the repeating fluid patterns created by the artist in his recent body of work.

Rek's signature photo The Hyper realistic wren is painted from photo reference material, The iridescent quality of the subjects feathers is expertly captured by REK using a myriad of colors to create a luminous effect.


Framed dimensions - 68.0(W) x 87.0(H).
Artwork dimensions - 42.0(W) x 59.4(H).

** this artwork is framed in a matt black frame behind glass.

Monsoon Call

  • 42cm (W) x 59cm (H) x 2cm (D)

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