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Introspective Shadows #1 revisits one of REK’s favourite subjects. “Shadow” the hyacinth macaw is engaged in a gleeful stand-off against his own mirror image. REK begins to explore the concept of arranging his avian subjects in architectural and emblematic configurations – his underlying message broadens from the real threat faced by all wildlife through habitat loss, to a social commentary. Exotic wildlife has always been prized for its stunning beauty, REK challenges us to see these creatures as more than commonplace objects to be used for our own adornment and fascination. Intensely fine details continue to be the focus in this piece with hundreds of tiny strokes to individualise the Macaws Feathers and a new depth in the vibrant yellow eye lids and lower jaw skin folds. Introspective Shadows #1 is one half of a Diptych which can be purchased as the pair


 ** note paintings are sold separately - pictured pair is for indicative purposes.


Provenance – 

  • Art Lovers Australia art prize Finalist 2020 -
  • People’s choice award 2019 Queensland Wildlife Artists Society second prize 


Medium - 100 % cotton fabric stretched, Acrylic paint, graphite pencil 

Introspective Shadows #1

  • 100 Cms Height X 100 Cms Width

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