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THE INSPIRATION - “Flappy” the rescued red-tailed black cockatoo from NSW returns as the subject of REK’s first major artwork for 2019.
REK continues to delve deeper in his journey towards a photo realistic approach in his new works. The colouration and impossibly fine details continue to mature reaching a new zenith in "Great Expectations". Set again against a stark white backdrop to draw focus entirely to the subject of this composition, elements of this piece such the beak and eye contain 5 separate layers of acrylic paint to create ultra-lifelike depth while the softness and interplay of light and shadow in Flappy's feathers is truer to life than ever before.

The aptly named "Great expectations" has a double meaning , Flappy’s anticipation is palpable as he eagerly awaits a favourite treat in this pose, and the art work will be REK's entry to the Holmes Art Prize for realistic bird painting in 2020



THE PROCESS - High resolution drum scanned original is then Giclée printed onto German hahnemule photo rag 308 gsm paper using Epson's acclaimed Ultrachrome k3 longlife pigment inks.



*Frame not included

Great Expectations - Ed of 50per stock size


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