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This work is set against a moody back drop to compliment the sumptuous, ornate champagne gold frame. Creating a highly dramatic scene and enhancing the intricately painted splendid fairy wren.


Certainly the most intensely coloured of the Australian wrens, the splendid wren moults as it comes into season - the transformation reveals the electric blue breeding season plumage most commonly seen in artworks. In the piece Rek shows the male mid transformation as he pensively examines his changing outerwear.


Harkening back to a by-gone era with echoes of Caravaggio. This piece you may expect to find adorning the walls of Uffizi Museum in Florence.



** this artwork is framed in a black float frame

From Out Of The Darkness.

  • 40cm (W) x 52cm (H) x 5cm (D)

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