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THE INSPIRATION - ainbow Bridge - As a member of the queer community, The artist set out to choose a subject that had a link to this tribe, and also spoke to his artistic aesthetics for symmetry and beautyThe award winning artist artist has become well known for his expertly composed vibrant eyes and startlingly lifelike beak treatment which are critical to the over all effect oh his compositions.Set against a graduated white back drop of vibrant blues, a group of six rainbow bee eaters huddle together perched on a eucalypt branch.The reference image has carefully s been selected from the collection of avian specialist photographer Gary Meredith . REK spends hours pouring over potential images before choosing only the most unique and regal bird photographs.The Australian rainbow bee eater is an especially social bird, and this work represents a new zenith in technical skill and composition. Each member of the flock has an immediately unique character, their tightly gathered bodies meld together, it becomes a challenge to discern where one starts and the next begins. They are unified as one.The unification continues through out the work as similar tones are mimicked in the branches and leaves of the gum tree they perch on.


Rainbow Bridge was the recipient of the People's Choice Award at the 43rd Annual Hinchinbrook Art Prize in 2022


Ed 1 of Rainbow Bridge is held in the Government Offices of Brisbane Fedral MP Stephen Bates 



THE PROCESS - High resolution drum scanned original is then Giclée printed onto German hahnemule photo rag 308 gsm paper using Epson's acclaimed Ultrachrome k3 longlife pigment inks.



* Frame not included

Rainbow Bridge


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