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REK continues his popular freedom of nature series in this large scale, bold abstract interpretation of one of the artist's favorite flowers placed in Stainless steel Georg Jensen Vase.

Dramatic Deep violet Cymbidium orchids are arranged in a spectacular stainless vase, layered over a repetitious graffiti style background which proclaims the famous Danish designers name.

REK uses free flowing liquid mediums and revises the bold gestural movements his work first took on at the genesis of his career as an artist.
The soft beauty of the organic elements are juxtaposed against the artist’s edgy graffiti background. The use of light and dark spaces creates a unique balance in this work. The different elements meld, the shelf on which the floral arrangement is placed seems to vanish into the back ground and the consistency of the paint layers is kept deliberately transparent in places so that the text beneath is still visible, but only as a hazy memory, and they begin to spell out other messages.

The Art work has been designed as a pair with the accompanying painting composed as the mirrored image with contrasting orange florals. ( artworks are sold separately)

Cymbidium Orchids in George Jensen #1

  • 90 Cms Wide  X 120 Cms Height  - (4 Cm depth) 

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