"Flappy” the rescued red-tailed black cockatoo from NSW has become well ensconced as REK's Avian muse. This fusion piece harkens back to the artist's 2019 solo Exhibition "the birdcage", vivid realistic detail giving way to gestural strokes and deconstructed feathers. Flappy is set against a titanium white backdrop to draw focus entirely to the subject of the composition.

Original images are Flatbed scanned for the highest possible resolution and ultra fine detailed reproduction. Printed on 440gsm archival canvas from Breathing Colour in the United States Uk Fine Art Guild Certified. Ink and canvas combination is independently tested to last for 75+ years - Prints of this artwork come with a 75 year unconditional replacement warranty which includes accidental damage

** Available with optional black double-profiled hardwood float frame + $260

Curiosity - Ed of 100

  • 61 Wide  X 91 Height -  Cms