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The Admiral by REK continues in his finely detailed photo realistic approach to avian artwork. This recent 2020  piece features a wild red tailed black cockatoo captured by Australian wildlife photographer Jenny Leith .
Set against a dramatic graduated backdrop of backdrops of inky blues - the subject is the standout against the moody monochromatic composition. This piece is composed using a photo realistic approach with elements such the beak, eye and wrinkled skin containing multiple layers of glazing to create ultra-lifelike depth while the softness and interplay of light and shadow. The feathers are composed using a broad range of colours to recreate the iridescent shine, this time using a palate or mauve and electric blue. 


This art work is ready to hang, unframed on its stretcher with sides painted black. Framing is available on request. 

The Admiral

  • Height 60cms X 76 Cms Width 

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