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Shadow the Hyacinth Macaw returns as one of REK’s favourite subjects. The colouration and impossibly fine details deepens and light and shadow in the subject become the focus of this piece. "Evening Shadow" is set against a moody background which delicately graduates from midnight blue to intensely deep purple. Elements of this piece such the beak, eye and wrinkled skin contain 5 separate glazed layers of acrylic paint to create ultra-lifelike depth while the softness and interplay of light and shadow in Shadow's feathers is truer to life than ever before.

Inspite of the darkness we all face at times in life, there is always a reason to smile and be happy, and no one has a bigger smile than a Hyacinth macaw.


Provenance - 

  • Show in featured artist's collection for "All Creatures and Wild Things" 2020  Petrie Terrace Gallery Brisbane 
  • Shown in "An Exhibition on Colour" 2020 Art to Art Gallery Melbourne 


Medium - Acrylic and Graphite on Poly Cotton Wright and Co Canvas

Evening Shadows

  • 76cms Wide X 76cms Height  

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