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REK continues in his finely detialed photo realistic approach with "Brotherly Love" featuring Maui and Oakey the catalina macaws.

The original reference image gave the artist pause to reflect on the jovial antics he shares with his own brother and the unique bond between them.

Set against a REK's signature wallpaper like repetitious botanical backdrops, the subjects intermingle with the monochromatic foliage in this composition. Elements of this piece such the beak, eye and wrinkled skin contain 5 separate layers of acrylic paint to create ultra-lifelike depth while the softness and interplay of light and shadow in the brother's gloriously festive feathers is truer to life than ever before.



  • Acrylic and Graphite on reworked 100% cotton reclaimed printed fabric


Provenance -

  • Show in featured artist's collection for "All Creatures and Wild Things" 2020 Petrie Terrace Gallery Brisbane
  • Shown in "An Exhibition on Colour" 2020 Art to Art Gallery Melbourne


Brotherly Love

  •  61 Cms Height  X 61 Cms Width 

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