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REK continues in his finely detailed photo realistic approach in this piece featuring Flappy the red tailed black cockatoo.
Set against a REK's signature wallpaper like repetitious botanical backdrops, the subjects intermingle with the monochromatic foliage in this composition, which have been obscured with a whitewash of impasto gel, then reworked in graphite pencil. Elements of this piece such the beak, eye and wrinkled skin contain multiple layers of glazing to create ultra-lifelike depth while the softness and interplay of light and shadow in  Flappy's feathers composed using a combination of high detail and deconstructed loose style which allows the printed backdrop to appear through the painted subject.


  • Acrylic, Graphite and impasto on reworked 100% cotton reclaimed printed fabric 


Provenance - 

  • Shown in "BIG" - 2020 Art to Art Gallery Melbourne 

Bleu Intense

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