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REK continues his popular freedom of nature series in this large scale, bold abstract interpretation of one of the artist's favorite flowers placed in Stainless steel Georg Jensen Vase.

Earthy Australian native banksia's are arranged in a spectacular stainless vase, layered over a repetitious graffiti style background which proclaims the famous Danish designers name.

REK uses free flowing liquid mediums and mixed media to create a multilayered dialogue between the structural floral arrangement and the edgy backdrop on which they sit.
The consistency of the paint layers is kept deliberately transparent in places so that the text beneath is still visible, but only as a hazy memory.
The result is a beautifully delicate piece which is celebration of modern design and Australia's natural splendor.

Banksias in Georg Jensen

  • 120 Cms Wide  X 90 Cms Height  - (4 Cm depth) 

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